Welcome to MicModKits.com! Here you’ll find a selection of Mic Mod Kits (also called “modification” or “circuit upgrade” kits) for dozens of popular makes and models of condenser microphones for both recording and live sound. We also offer Mod Services where you ship your mic to us, and we will install one of our mod kits for you. Since 2011, we’ve sold hundreds of our kits and services through our website and on Ebay, and have received nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers. Check out our Testimonials page or our seller feedback on Ebay to see for yourself.

If you are interested in sending your mic to us to have it modified, check out our Mod Services.

We also offer a limited selection of other unique products for musicians, recording engineers, and pro audio enthusiasts that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the Other Products page for details.


Please note that our mod kits only work on versions of these mics that use through-hole components. Starting around 2013, some newer revisions of selected models may use surface-mount components, for which our kits will not work. If in doubt, open up your mic to ensure that the circuit uses soldered, through-hole components instead of surface-mount. If you are having trouble sourcing a through-hole version of a compatible mic, Contact us, and we may be able to help!