Mod Kits

We will be on vacation September 18-25. Any orders placed during this time will be filled as soon as we return. Thanks!


Please note that our mod kits only work on versions of these mics that use through-hole components (as opposed to surface-mount or SMT). Please consult the Compatibility page for complete details before ordering.

International Orders

If ordering from outside the United States, please order from us through E-bay. We offer international shipping there through the E-bay Global Shipping Program.

Mod Kits

We offer two distinct mod kits, each representing a specific circuit design. Each kit is compatible with a number of different mics in various makes and models. Click on each kit to view more details and a complete list of compatible models:

The 990 Mod Kit – This kit works for many small, medium, and large-format mics (I say “format” rather than “diaphragm”, because some medium and large-format mics actually use a small diaphragm capsule). All of the mics that are compatible with this kit use a copy of a classic Schoeps transformer-less circuit.

The 2001 Mod Kit – This kit works for several popular large-format mics. All of these mics use a copy of the classic Neumann U87 circuit–one of the most popular recording mics in the world.