2001 Mod Kit


Please note that our mod kits only work on versions of these mics that use through-hole components (as opposed to surface-mount or SMT). Please consult the Compatibility page for complete details.

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The 2001 is one of MXL’s most popular mics, and for good reason: it was one of the first truly affordable large diaphragm condensers to hit the market. The 2001 (and the compatible models listed below) use a copy of the classic Neumann U87 circuit, so it’s a proven, time-tested design. By simply upgrading a few of the cheap, stock capacitors, you’ll have a mic that can truly live up to its potential! Our “2001 Mod Kit” works for the following makes and models of large-format condensers:

MXL: 2001, V67, V67G
ADK: A-51, Generis GC-1
Apex: 420, 430
Audix: CX-111
CAD: C400S
Cascade: M20U
Joe Meek: JM47
Nady: SCM-900 (pre-2002)
T.Bone: SC450

Please note that this kit works only on the early, pre-2002 version of the Nady SCM-900, that featured the same circuit and transformer-coupled output as the MXL 2001. Later versions of the SCM-900 use a completely different circuit with a transformer-less output, similar to the MXL 990, 603S, MCA SP-1, and V63M, among others. This later version of the SCM-900 can be modified using our 990 mod kit.

This kit includes the parts needed to perform the mod on ONE MICROPHONE. If you are modifying multiple mics, you will need to order a SEPARATE KIT FOR EACH MIC. This kit replaces ALL of the stock capacitors in the preamp section of the mic’s circuit. Note that we only use high-quality, name brand parts by WIMA, Nichicon, Kemet, Panasonic, and Xicon in our kits.

The following parts are included in each kit:

  • (2) Polypropylene Capacitors
  • (2) Polarized Electrolytic Capacitors
  • (2) Metal Film Capacitors
  • (1) Polystyrene (also called “styroflex”) capacitor
  • PDF download with 9 pages of detailed instructions and color photos explaining how to perform the mod
  • BONUS: detailed instructions (with color photos) explaining the procedure for the popular “headbasket mod” for these mics

Upon receiving payment, I will mail your mod kit/s along with a slip of paper that contains the download link for the PDF instructions. In my experience, this mod should only take about 20 to 25 minutes per mic, and makes a noticeable improvement to your recorded tracks.

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