Please note that our mod kits only work on versions of these mics that use through-hole components. Starting around 2013 (for the MXL 990, 603, etc.) and 2017 (MXL 2001, V67G, etc.), some newer production runs of selected models may use surface-mount technology (SMT) or surface-mount devices (SMD), for which our kits will not work. If in doubt, open up your mic to ensure that the circuit uses soldered, through-hole components instead of surface-mount.

If you need help opening up your mic to access the circuit board/s, check our Videos page. We have videos there that explain how to open up both a small-format (MXL 603S, 991, CAD GXL 1200) and large-format (e.g. MXL 2001, V67G, 990, etc.) condenser mic.

If you are unsure of the difference between through-hole and SMT, here’s a brief explanation:

Through-hole components have leads (wires) protruding from them which are placed through drilled holes on a PCB (printed circuit board), and then those leads are soldered in place on the opposite side of the board. SMT components are secured only to solder pads on the surface (of one side) of a circuit board, while through-hole leads run through the board, allowing the components to withstand more stress.

To get even more specific, we’ve tried to identify the most common makes and models on the market that are compatible with our mod kits. However, occasionally we’ll identify yet another model that we weren’t previously aware of. If your mic is not listed on one of our Mod Kit pages, open it up and compare the circuit to the pictures linked below:

If your mic’s circuit matches the MXL 603S (small-format pencil condenser), MXL V63M (large-format condenser), or (obviously) the MXL 990, it should be compatible with our “990 mod kit”. If it matches the 2001, it should be compatible with our “2001 mod kit”. Note that it does not necessarily have to be an exact match–your mic might include something extra, such as a low cut or pad switch, but as long as the main circuit is the same, it should work.

If your mic’s circuit does not match any of above photos, then no, we do not have a kit that will work for your mic. Another great resource for learning more about mics and identifying compatible circuits is the Recording Hacks Microphone Database.

If you have more questions, or are having trouble sourcing a through-hole version of a compatible mic, contact us, and we may be able to help!