Below are testimonials from past customers who have purchased our mod kits and services.

990 Mod Kit

“After those simple cap changes the already decent mic becomes wonderful. I will be using these mics more and more.”

“It helped smooth some of the harshness in the HF region.”

“A little less ‘honky’ in the midrange…overall, I think the mod is definitely a positive improvement to the mic.”

“Nice mod, seems to open up the low end especially.”

“I noticed that voices became less harsh in the upper mids. On acoustic guitar, the initial attack of the notes changed to a smoother sound. It’s hard to hear at first, but once you do you can’t not hear it.”

“The difference is in what people like to call resolution or detail. Better caps remove artifacts that lesser caps produce and that you only begin to hear once they’re gone, because you thought they were part of the signal. There is a certain nasal quality that disappears with polyprop or polystyrene. It’s probably something in the realm of distortion or transient response. I have no means to measure that, but you can hear it.”

“The unmodded mic makes the guitar sound a little nasal, narrow and compressed. When you switch to the modded mic, it’s almost as if the guitar had a bigger body. I could hear the difference both on headphones and my monitors.”

“After getting used to the modified mics the unmodified mics sound like the high end is drifting in and out of phase or something. Almost like it has a bit of flange on it. The modification eliminated this. I didn’t notice until after the mod…but once I heard it I couldn’t NOT hear it.”

“Before the mod, I tried using my 603S pair on acoustic guitar and drum overheads. The sound was really thin and anemic, so I just put them back in the case and they probably sat there for at least a year, and I even considered getting rid of them. After the mod, I tried them again, and they worked great for both of those applications. The low end was fuller, the top end was smoother, and now I use them on practically every session.”

“I just installed your capacitors in my CAD GXL2200 microphone. Amazing! The sound has instantly gone from brittle to warm. It is nearly 1:00 a.m. and so I won\’t try out my trumpet playing in my home studio, but singing into the mic has already shown me that the microphone has been transformed. Thank you!”

2001 Mod Kit

“…it made a huge difference (installing the mod kit). First of all, luckily, it fixed the white noise problem. I A/B’d it against another v67, and it is MUCH quieter and has more presence and depth. I’m ordering a kit for the other mic, and considering replacing the capsules. Thanks for the advice and the great product.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I used this kit on a V67 I picked up, and am really satisfied with the results. Given the low cost of the mic, my expectations weren’t exactly high. However, after installing these new caps and removing the inner screen of the head basket, I’m VERY happy! This mic appears to be a great value, that is rather usable.”

“Got it done, and it sounds a lot better, especially the high end. High end was not really a usable feature of the mic before–too fizzy. I am going to order 1, maybe 2 more kits.”

“Just modded my MXL V67 with your kit and compared to a stock V67 side by side on an acoustic guitar. Haven’t done the head basket mod yet. What I hear is the modded mic is less cloudy in the midrange and less nasal. It also seems to have a slightly clearer and stronger top end. Haven’t noticed anything in the low end yet, but I haven’t tried it on anything with any real bass either. The improvement is certainly well worth the small investment.”