Review of our 990 Mod Kit

Here’s a nice customer review of our 990 Mod Kit that we came across on YouTube: Continue Reading »

Balanced Rewire Mod for Pyle PDMIC78 and PDMIC58

In recent years, several clones of the Shure SM57 and SM58 have hit the market, appealing to budget-minded live sound and recording enthusiasts. The Pyle PDMIC58 and PDMIC78 are two of the cheapest and most popular of these mics. They look almost identical to their Shure counterparts, sound quite decent (particularly the PDMIC78), and sell for around $10 or $12 each. You heard me right: ten or twelve bucks. Man, I really wish these had been around 20+ years ago when I was a poor, struggling college student trying to build up a mic collection for my band’s PA system and recording rig. I could have really gotten some mileage out of them. But I digress. Being a ten or twelve-dollar mic, they have a few shortcomings: Continue Reading »

MXL V67GS on sale at (Pro Sound and Stage Lighting) currently has the MXL V67GS on sale now for $59.99. This is a great mic that is compatible with our 2001 mod kit. Check it out if you don’t already own one: