Do you really need a $1k to $3k mic to get started?

Linked below is a great blog post about choosing mics for your studio. He even includes a nice nod to our mod kits (under the heading “Here’s where the fun comes in!”):

For about $8, you can get a mod kit off ebay for the older MXL 990s. That means you need to buy a used one off ebay or craigslist (which means it’ll be even cheaper). I picked up a misc. box of stuff from a dead podcast group for $40 on craigslist. It had an old USB audio interface, 3 table top mic stands, 4 pop filters (a MUST HAVE), and 2 MXL 990s. I ordered the mod kits off ebay and prepared my soldering iron. (Don’t attempt to do any modifications to microphones or other electronics unless you have some experience and comfort level working on electronics.) To be honest, the mod for this mic is relatively easy, but you still should know how to handle a soldering iron before attempting this mod. About an hour later, I had 2 brand new sounding mics. They sounded nothing like they had when I picked them up. They sounded comparable to $300 – $500 mics, a HUGE improvement! I still use these mics today, even though I do have one $1,000 mic.