Deluxe Mod Service (2001 Kit)

Deluxe Mod Service for MXL 2001, V67, V67G, Nady SCM-900, Apex 420, 430, Joe Meek JM47, T-Bone SC-450, Audix CX-111, ADK A-51,CAD C400S

Includes FREE (Domestic U.S.) Return Shipping!

This deluxe mod service, for any mic that is compatible with our 2001 Mod Kit, consists of the basic electronics mod (we install one of our kits), headbasket mod (we remove 1 or 2 inner layers of headbasket mesh), and body-damping mod (we apply material to the inside of the body to reduce resonance). Refer to the 2001 Mod Kit page for a list of compatible models.